4 ways to customize your forms

When starting to develop a survey, you must bear in mind that it is a tool that will allow you to know and obtain information from your clients, know their opinions and interests.

When starting to develop a survey, you must bear in mind that it is a tool that will allow you to know and obtain information from your clients, know their opinions and interests.

Unlike traditional surveys, Survey Kiwi’s online surveys allow for customization from which you obtain various benefits that will directly impact your campaign.

A customized survey with logo, images and aligned to your brand, brings with it numerous benefits, due to the fact that appearance is always a synonym of professionalism, innovation and the reflection of your brand and it’s personality. The most important thing is to be able to generate a good experience for respondents, with a survey that flows and is attractive in such a way that it is completed with enthusiasm. And don't forget that with Survey Kiwi you will generate a multi-device experience!

Next we will explain with detail the four most important ways to customize your forms:

#1 Logo:

You will be able to incorporate your brand’s logo in the Welcome and Thank you screens or even in your background image. We always recommend incorporating it in a place where it is visible, but doesn't obscure or get in the way of your survey’s  information.  Remember to always portray your logo with good quality so that it looks right. 

When incorporating your brand’s logo in your surveys you will obtain the following benefits:

Generating Trust: instead of being a traditional or simple form, when incorporating your logo your respondents will know that the survey has the support of a company, which will make them feel more confident when answering the questions.

Brand positioning: when you create surveys with your logo and brand colors, you are becoming more memorable, and all respondents who answered your survey will immediately remember you.

Increases in the response rate: human beings are graphic and visual, so when we use colors and images like your logo, the attention rate increases and this, summing up the previous points, makes people respond more and better to your questions.  

Next you will be able to see three examples where each company positioned their logo in the Welcome screen:

Topshop clothing brand:

Cupcake Bakery Galleria:

Premium Hotel: 

In these three examples, we can observe their logo incorporation, the background image and the welcome message on the screen.

#2 Background image:

You will be able to modify your survey’s appearance by changing the background image and, afterwards, changing colors and fonts. This way you will have an image that will accompany all of your surveys.  

When choosing a background image, it is essential that it is of good quality and that it does not hinder your content; your questions’ texts must be legible. Use images that are aligned with your business, brand and usual aesthetics. The idea of customizing your surveys to the maximum is making sure your forms are more attractive, dynamic and efficient every time.

With Survey Kiwi you will be able to incorporate any image, colos, textures and also images from Unsplash. Once you select your background image you will be able to “play” with their brightness and contrast so as not to affect the vision of your texts. 

#3 Welcome Screen / Thank you screen:

Both the Welcome and Thank you screens are very useful and recommended tools to customize your survey by making them unique.

When starting a survey it is highly recommended to incorporate a Welcome screen that is visually attractive, where a text, a pretty image or a video explains the purpose of your survey and invites you to start.

Generally, this feature results in a better and more efficient response rate. If you want to give your respondents a good experience, keep in mind that the Welcome screen is the first image they will see!

And to say goodbye to your respondents and thank them for their time, the ideal thing to do is to end your campaign with a Thank you screen that ends the survey.  As in your Welcome screen, you can incorporate texts, images or videos to make your farewell more interesting.  Don't forget to get creative!

Always remember that everything you do has an impact in your respondent and, in this case, by creating a Goodbye screen, you are not only ending your survey, but also leaving a good impression of your business. 

#4 Multiple image:

This type of question is essential for making your forms more entertaining and original. 

As for its functionality, it is the same as a Multiple Choice, but with the addition that with this option you can add gifs, images and icons in each of the responses, making your interview more visual and dynamic.

Take into account that with Survey Kiwi you will have a range of options when defining which image/gif/icon to select.  You will be able to access your images, Unsplash, Giphy and The Noun Project.

Always remember to use images that are consistent with your brand and keep in mind that everything you do is communicating something to your respondents.

Below are a few examples of different fields to help inspire you!

Post-stay hotel survey:

Survey for a women’s clothing brand:

Survey from a pastry shop:

Entertainment survey:

Ecommerce survey:

Survey Kiwi is designed to give the user the best experience and obtain the best results. Imagine what you can achieve by combining our tools and features with your creativity!

We invite you to put your ideas to practice! Click here!

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