How to create online surveys that capture attention?

What does the cabin of an airplane and the online management of a business have in common?

What does the cabin of an airplane and the online management of a business have in common? In both cases, both the pilot and the manager of a business use a control panel with indicators that allow them to take the “pulse” of what is happening at the moment.

Thus, those responsible for the businesses need “flight instruments” to measure the state of their business. Online surveys are one of these instruments, perhaps one of the most important. If they are used regularly and with well-defined objectives, they become of great value given that they allow you to know your customers, users or collaborators better and obtain useful data for making decisions based on factual information. Online surveys allow us to measure the present in order to design the future.

That said, creating an online survey is simple, but in order for it to serve the purpose of generating valuable information for my business, it is necessary to capture the interest of my audience, of those who I want to participate and respond. Just like a good talk, online surveys must be engaging, touching, nuanced and subtle to draw the attention of the people you want to connect with.

Online surveys must be attractive, touching, nuanced and subtle to draw the attention of the people you want to connect with

Below you will find some tips for developing customized online surveys that are engaging and allow you to collect the necessary data to make decisions in your business.

Remember that less is more
Sometimes we fall for the trap of wanting to know everything about our client. We are investing time and money and we want to maximize the attention. However, when it comes to online surveys, those to which the user will naturally pay little attention, it is key to focus on a certain aspect. This is why, we recommend that the form advances step by step through clear and direct questions, aiming to understand an aspect of the business.

Formulate clear questions
The clearer and more concise the question, the better. It will also shorten the participant’s reading time and will not divert his attention. The more raw and direct the question, the greater the amount of responses. For instance, if we want to measure the customer experience of a restaurant, let’s do a survey, concrete and precise, about the food only. There will be time to know the people’s opinion about the staff, but if we try to cover every aspect in one shot, we will lose focus.

Find the way to reach their emotions 
Think about the audience we are addressing. The structure and the questions of the survey must be thought and designed for the audience that is going to respond. Reflect on their needs, what motivates them? What puts them into action? What do they love/hate? It is a matter of understanding them before writing the survey in order to achieve the best results. 

Think about your audience
This point is intrinsically linked to the previous one. Knowing the audience we want to question is key to designing the online form. If you are targeting a millennial audience, for example, you must know that they don’t exclusively look for good service, but rather they demand customization and expect the business to adapt to their preferences. The questions in an online survey, then, must be designed to motivate the responses of this target audience.

Search for the tone
Creating a more pleasant and engaging survey can be very useful to motivate respondents to respond and complete it. What is your company’s style? Develop customized surveys that make your respondent feel they are aligned with your brand. Use not only the language, but the colors, fonts, look & feel and logo of your company to make the online survey match your brand.

Add images
Although the questions will be the center and key aspect of your survey, you should not forget to take into account the value of illustrating them with images. However, this brings a new challenge to be solved: which images work best? Choosing an image aligned with the targeted audience increases the possibilities of getting more responses. You can choose from thousands of image banks or galleries available on the web, but it will always be better to upload your own pictures. These represent your business in a unique way.

With SurveyKiwi you will be able to create forms of great visual impact adaptable to any device. In addition, it’s aesthetic, dynamism, speed and simplicity guarantee an average response rate that exceeds 83%. Visit our site to learn more about us.

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