How to leverage data for Inbound Marketing?

How to leverage the data from an online survey to accomplish more and better connections with our users through Inbound Marketing.

As we explained in another post, (“Three tips to create online surveys that define a Customer Persona”), online surveys are a very valuable resource to collect information about users and get to know our Customer Persona, a methodology that works to better understand clients and potential clients and to customize the content according to the specific needs of each brand.

This time, we will analyze an issue linked to this last element: how to leverage the data from an online survey to accomplish more and better connections with our users or clients through Inbound Marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing for?

Basically, Inbound Marketing is used to generate valuable content for your current or potential clients. Relating to them without putting pressure on them, understanding their needs and helping them is key nowadays, especially if you consider that most brands do not interest anyone.

As the latest Meaningful Brands report points out, the current client wouldn’t mind if three out of four brands disappeared; instead 76% of people expect a brand to contribute to their well-being and quality of life. Thus, the importance of generating a truly valuable connection with clients.  

The creation of valuable content distributed through the user’s preference channels, avoiding a commercial approach, is key in Inbound Marketing. It is not a simple process nor will you achieve results in the short run; however, it is a very useful way to make clients “fall in love” with our brand and become promoters or ambassadors. 

The truth is that the (few) brands that achieve a real connection with their customers are those that get to know them better. And that is when Inbound Marketing and, additionally, surveys, become valuable.

Why use online surveys?

Creating online forms with real appeal to your clients will help you obtain valuable data for your Inbound Marketing plan. This is why you must know what information you want to obtain and carefully plan what questions to ask in order to acquire it.

If the contacts that you want to respond have different degrees of relationship with your brand, the information that will result from the survey will help you know in greater depth in which part of the purchase cycle they are in.

To invite them to complete your online form, you must first have some contact information. If it is someone who wrote by email, completed an online form because they want to receive more information or is a social media follower, then you’ll already know that they know your brand. The online survey will allow you to gather more information about each of them and determine the best strategy to maintain and increase the relationship.

Based on the responses, you will be able to establish the degree of relationship with your brand, product or service. For example, if you ask him if he has already tried all of your brand’s products or services and he responds negatively, this is someone who you still need to convince to become a real client. You should connect with him through useful content for a person who buys or uses what your brand offers, attract him with valuable information, without direct commercial purposes, so that he first gets to know you and then, eventually, becomes a client.

Or, did you ask if he would recommend our brand to others and he responded affirmatively? Then it is the ideal scenario, given that he is already a promoter, we could say he is an ambassador of your brand. You should provide him with content that is very different from the previous example, but of equal value, which rewards and reinforces his sense of belonging.  

Is making more than one survey necessary?

We recommend you repeat the contact with them with some frequency through online forms in order to evaluate if there are any changes in their status.

Whether it’s a client that went from being someone who only manifested interest to becoming a regular buyer or user (the ideal scenario) or someone who, on the contrary, is no longer a loyal client, the online survey will allow you to find out the reasons behind those changes and, thanks to that data, re-evaluate the relationship of each of them with your brand and re-define the most relevant content for each situation.

The survey will allow you to know each of your clients or users better and determine which are the most adequate contents for each one

In summary, the data obtained as a result from an online survey will allow you to know each of your clients or users better and determine which are the most adequate contents for each one, according to the stage of the purchase cycle in which they find themselves in.

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