The importance of integrations in online surveys

What are the integrations of online survey platforms for?

What are the integrations of online survey platforms for?

When choosing a platform to create online surveys, it is important that you analyze in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative option. 

Evaluating which one is the best suits your needs is the starting point for a decision that involves analyzing many factors. One of them is to investigate what integrations each online survey platform offers. 

Therefore, we invite you to read on to find out some reasons why you should specially take into account this factor when selecting a platform.

What are integrations?

The development of digital services and applications and their growing adoption by organizations and users in general generated huge volumes of data stored in the cloud. 

Integrations let you send and receive information to and from the different systems you use.  That is why, it is best to choose a platform to create online surveys that have webhooks and APIs that allow integrations with the other systems you use to manage the different areas of your business.  

Why are they important for online surveys?

Integrations can enhance the value of data obtained from a survey distribution. You will be able to get in and extract data in other management systems used for your business and thus make the most of your campaign results.

Therefore, when choosing a platform, it is important to take into account that the more integrations with other tools it has, the greater the possibility of taking advantage of the data obtained.  

What kind of integrations should an online survey platform offer?

From the utility that integrations have shown, their development is constantly increasing.  Each platform usually adds new integrations with the objective of increasing the value for its users.

These are some useful integrations for online survey platforms:

  • Marketing Automation, Sales and Customer Service Software: A common goal of any organization that decides to create online surveys is to use the data obtained to amplify its contact base and refine the Marketing strategy. Therefore, you will greatly appreciate a survey platform that can be integrated with CRMs and marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. To begin with, it will allow you to create new contacts or upgrade the data of an existing one. In addition, with each new response collected, the information is updated in real time and thus provides you with a very useful service so that you can customize the commercial actions to develop with each of your clients.
  • Sheets or Spreadsheets in the cloud: these are the modern versions of this classic tool, present on any computer, for data analysis and visualization. For example, when integrating your online survey platform with Google Sheets, the answers of the different respondents will be sent directly to the spreadsheet that you previously selected.
  • Cloud storage services: places where you can save files in diverse formats and access them from any connected device. The most popular ones are Google Drive and Dropbox, which count with free versions with a limited storage amount, although you can also access paid versions with a bigger capacity.
  • Teamwork tools: online services like Slack or Trello, which are used to organize tasks and projects in simple and intelligent ways, regardless of the number of people involved and where they are.
  • Image Banks: Websites that include wide catalogs of images, symbols, drawings, GIFs and illustrations. They exist in free and also in paid versions, and they are especially relevant resources in cases where you don't count with your own collection of images, as it lets you simplify the use of visual resources to make your online survey more attractive to the users.  Remember that online forms include images that generate a more attractive, entertaining and personalized experience in the audience and increase the response rate.  

These are just a few examples of integrations. The important thing ultimately, is that, when choosing an online survey platform, you research and analyze its compatibility with other systems that you already use in your organization, like the ones mentioned above, among others.  This way, you'll be able to take full advantage of the value of integrations and share the information with your colleagues and the systems they use to work.

Was this information useful? We invite you to learn how the Survey Kiwi platform works.  Our software counts with webhooks and APIs that allow integrations with HubSpot, Google Sheets, Unsplash, The Noun Project, Giphy, which will enhance the value of your survey data.

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