What is Data Driven?

Data, data and more data. Technology today offers us the opportunity of having an almost inexhaustible amount of information

Data, data and more data. Technology today offers us the opportunity of having an almost inexhaustible amount of information. Every click, comment, like, email, search, purchase, response to online surveys or any other type of interaction or engagement from your current or potential client can be measured in detail.
Data Driven involves the challenge of applying insights to your commercial marketing strategy in order to make better decisions, simplifying the planning process due to a better understanding of the client’s behavior.
However, this data alone is not useful.  You need to be able to analyze it, find it a meaning. One data or millions of data are the starting point to finding insights.
What is an insight?
In an article, the consultant and academic, Mohan Sawhney defines insight as “a fresh and not yet obvious understanding of the client, which can become the base for a competitive advantage”. This involves knowing not only their decisions, but also what are the reasons or the feelings behind them.
In other words, insight involves finding the true value of the data obtained from any interaction at any point of contact. That is, not only why someone buys a product in our website, but also what motivated him to do so or what he feels or what it means to him.
What is Data Driven for?
Data Driven companies face the challenge of applying the insights obtained to their commercial or marketing strategy, and in this way, are able to make better decisions, simplifying the planning process due to a better understanding of the user or customer behavior.
You may think this sounds simple and even a little obvious… but it isn’t at all. The transformation of data into insights requires a thorough work, but it’s benefits are multiple, among which we could mention: improving customer experience and product design, developing a customized multichannel marketing strategy, understanding what the customer journey is, optimizing the messages one wants to communicate and customizing them based on a deeper understanding of who my recipient is. 
Why are online surveys a valuable resource?
Precisely because you will be able to translate simple data into insights and thus transform the online surveys into valuable information so that you can then refine your marketing strategy based on a greater knowledge of your client or user.
Do you need to know how satisfied your client is after visiting your business? You can create online forms to ask him what products or services he tried (and even include pictures of each one), what were the aspects of your store that most impressed him (and the ones which he least liked), ask him to rate from 1 to 10 the attention and indicate if he would recommend your business to a family member or friend.
Did you organize an event and want to know if it was valued positively by those who attended? Try online surveys. You will be able to ask them how they evaluate the general organization and request them to rate it numerically, show them pictures of the speakers and solicit them to choose the one they thought was the most interesting, ask them if the event seemed very, little or not useful at all, whether or not it met their prior expectations and obviously invite them to leave their comments or suggestions to implement in further editions.
Also, you can accompany all of these questions in your online surveys with requests for demographic information (age, sex, city, etc.) or simply suggest that they leave their email or phone number if they are interested in keeping in touch.
These are just a couple of examples, but the amount of information you are going to be able to collect from online surveys is much more varied and profound than any other simple data. You will get to know what they truly think, feel or want from your product or service, which will give you a valuable opportunity to make better decisions.
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