Why make customer satisfaction surveys?

Satisfaction surveys are the thermometer of a business and will give you a diagnosis about your client

Suppose you have to measure the “temperature” of your product or service. Satisfaction surveys are the thermometer of a business and will give you a diagnosis about your client. If they are healthy, if they have a bit of fever – which triggers an alarm – or if the condition is critical and urgent measures are required.
In any case, a satisfaction survey allows you to analyze your users’ expectations (prior to their purchase) and their experience after, which will highlight their level of conformity. Also, it is one of the most useful ways to analyze the product, identify its flaws and even opportunities that are not being taken advantage of. In that sense, depending on the level of satisfaction, these surveys help you determine which strategies can be implemented.
Why is it important to conduct regular satisfaction surveys?
You may have heard the phrase “What is not measured, cannot be improved”. This statement, often attributed to Peter Drucker, really belongs to William Thomson Kelvin (Lord Kelvin), a British physicist and mathematician (1824-1907) and is actually a little more elaborate. “What is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured, cannot be improved. What is not improved, is always degraded”.  
In essence, what both Kelvin and Drucker are manifesting is the importance of measurement.
In an increasingly complex and competitive business ecosystem, loyalty is key to retaining consumers. But first it is important that you get to know each one of them, identify what they evaluate as positive and negative in your business, in order to improve what is being offered.
In addition, in digital businesses, where relationships are not physical and distance can be seen as an issue, satisfaction surveys bring you closer to your audience and show them their opinion is very important to you. Knowing how to listen to the needs and demands of consumers is one of the factors that guarantee that you stand out in the marketplace. Alberto Arébalos and other specialists even point out that it is increasingly necessary to “hyper listen”.
Tips for creating effective customer surveys 
In addition to setting clear objectives for your survey and using methodologically correct questions, in order for your form to be effective it is important that you place yourself in the mind of the client receiving that survey. In that sense, online survey platforms emerge as a very powerful tool to connect with the user in their daily environment without becoming an annoying obstacle to them. Below, are some tips that will help you when creating a customer survey.  
1. Clarity
It is important that the respondent knows the aspects of the form and that the questions do not allow for double interpretation. For example, if you are consulting about customer satisfaction for a stay at a hotel, it is best to make closed-ended questions such as whether the room service was fast, whether the pool was clean, whether the receptionist was friendly, whether the bed was comfortable. Ambiguities won’t allow you to know the level of satisfaction, but rather provide confusing information.
Online survey platforms offer different tools to make close-ended questions, multiple choice, open-ended questions, NPS or logic jumps. They also allow you to explain what the purpose of that online survey is.  
2. Specific concepts
In order to better identify the aspects to be improved, we recommend that you create online surveys with questions about specific concepts. If the waiter was not kind, it is necessary to know what the client means by “was not kind”. This is why, you must ask questions about specific actions related to customer service. “His tone of voice was correct”, “his manner”, “the way in which he addressed us”, “he asked if we needed anything else”, “he did not interrupt when we were talking”. These are all examples of specific questions.
Online surveys allow you to ask specific, closed-ended questions that the consumer will be able to respond quickly and move forward in the form.
3. Quantity
Finally, find the right length for your online survey. Ask all the necessary questions to find out the level of satisfaction and be able to analyze the responses with the largest possible volume of data. But be careful not to ask too many questions. Consumer response rates in online surveys decrease when responding forms become a heavy burden on the respondent.
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