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Alerts are really useful to get to know your unsatisfied clients and prevent them from abandoning your brand, product or service. So, you’ll have the necessary tools to meet your clients’ expectations and avoid ruining your company’s reputation and image.

Despite being able to analyze all answers of your respondents, by activating this option, you’ll have an immediate notification every time that a user answers a specific answer.

When a respondent gives a low score, a notification will be sent to the email (or emails) that you configured so you can immediate action can be taken. For this it is necessary to have the “notifications” of the alerts activated in the "Advanced configuration" in the "Configuration" step. 

Once you click an email, a window will pop-up, you have to simply add the email and it will automatically be added to the email list.

You will have to check the "Send alerts" checkbox for every email that will receive the alert notifications.

You can add as many emails as you want and choose if that email will receive only the alerts generated or every response that the campaign receives (or both, as the marketing manager in the example below).

This type of advanced feature is often used in surveys regarding client satisfaction.

How to use alerts?

Activating the alerts feature is very simple. In step 2 of your creation (Questions), you must select one type of question, activate the “Alerts” advanced option and select the options for which you want to receive an alert for.

As a result, every time a user answers this option and finishes the survey, the owner of the account will receive an email notifying this response.

Let’s see an example, in this case, we will use a “Multiple Choice” question.

When the “Alerts” option is active, then on the right side of each possible answer a box will appear where you can assign the options that you want to trigger an alarm.

In the image, it can be seen that the option “Terrible” is active. This means that every time a respondent answers this, an email will be automatically sent to your account so you can take action.

Alerts are an excellent feature to notably increase your brand perception.