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Customized URL

One of the features that you can access with the Silver plan is the customizable URL. This feature will allow you to customize the name of the campaign that appears in the public URL that you will share.

To understand better what this part of the URL is, we will first explain how the URL is composed by:

1. The subdomain of your account. You are able to customize the subdomain of your account since the first moment that you create an account in Survey Kiwi.

2. The domain. The domain is impossible to customize it as it is "".

3. The name of your campaign.

This is an example URL of one of our templates:

Being "templates" the subdomain, "" the domain and "product-test" the name of the campaign.

The name of the campaign in the URL, generates as a random code that is generated automatically, but with this advanced feature that you will access in the Silver plan you will be able to customize it.

To do this, you just need to access the creation or edition of a campaign, go to the "Configuration" step, go to the "General configuration" section and in here you will find the next space:

If your account has been upgraded to the Silver plan, this space will be unlocked so you can add the text that you want your users to see in the URL. 

Remember that if you have already shared the URL of this campaign and you edit it, the links that you've shared won't redirect to your survey anymore.