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Email embed

Survey Kiwi offers multiple ways to share your campaigns and reach the highest amount of people. 

One of these ways is email embedding, this feature allows you to embed the first question of your forms and surveys in the body of your emails so your users can start responding directly in there.

When clicking on an answer, users will be redirected to your survey but directly to the second question.

How to embed your survey in your emails

This feature only works with the following question types:

  • NPS
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple images
  • Scoring

This means that the first question of your survey will have to be mandatory one of this, but you will be able to add any other following questions.

Secondly, in order for your campaign to be embedded, this campaign shouldn't have a welcome screen, so you should delete it in the "Questions" section.

Don't worry that Survey Kiwi will notify you if any of this two requirements are not met.

Once everything is ready to embed your campaign, you should go to the "Share" section of your campaign and choose the "Email" option.

na vez que todo este todo listo para embeber tu campaña, deberás dirigirte al paso "Compartir" de tu campaña y seleccionar la opción "Email".

Once you click on it, you will see a preview of our campaign and a "GET CODE" button, when you select this option, you will receive the code that you have to copy and paste in your mailing platform.

The next thing that you have to do is copy this code, go the mailing platform that you will use to send the email and copy it in there where you want your question to appear.

Make sure to look for the "HTML code" option or similar.