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This type of question is used to ask people to write in a text box. Something similar to the “Short Answer” question but with some differences.

  1. The text box is smaller given that it’s designed for the user to simply enter short personal information.
  2. It has optional validation formats: Text, number, website, date or email.
  3. It has a shorter character limit.


On the left side of the creation panel,  you’ll find the different options available to edit this type of question:

Question: This type of question is used to gather precise information. For example, a name, an email, a telephone number or a birth date. These are open-ending questions that must be answered by the respondents in their own words, allowing for total freedom in their answers.

It is used for gathering personal and precise information. A name, an email, a phone number or a birthday, just to name a few examples. It's an open-ended question where users have to write in their own words, allowing complete freedom (depending on the validation format) in the response. 

You can edit the text format using bold, italics or underline it!

Description: Activate it if you wish to add a description underneath the question

This will help make clarifications or specify something related to the question.

Validation: This will allow you to specify the type of answer that you want.

The options for validation are:

  • Email 
  • Number (You can specify the range of numbers you can enter. If a range is not necessary, then you can leave the spaces blank). 
  • Website 
  • Plain text 
  • Date

Advanced options: If you want to know more about the advanced options we invite you to click on the title for a more detailed explanation regarding the different features and their benefits.