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Connect in simple steps your forms and surveys to your HubSpot account, send your responses, generate new leads and convert them to customers.

Every response will be sent in real time and you will be able to improve your HubSpot contacts.

What you will need?

  • A HubSpot account (Free)
  • A Survey Kiwi account (Free)

This means you won’t need to pay ANYTHING in order to have the integration working for you.

1. Create a form or choose an existing one

You can create your own form or survey or just choose an existing one that you want to integrate with your HubSpot account.

In this case we are going to use a simple contact form.

2.A. If you created a new form, once you finished the creation, you will automatically be redirected to the sharing screen of your campaign. In this sharing screen you will find the "Integrations" tab. 

Inside this section, you will find the HubSpot integration. Click on it to start the integration process.

2.B. If you want to integrate an existing form, you will have to follow the same steps but first you will need to open the share panel of the form you want to integrate. This can be found to the right of the campaign in your dashboard.

3. A message will appear so you can connect your HubSpot account. If you already have a connected account, choose that. If not, hit the Add account button which will open a popup where you can sign-in or create a HubSpot account.

4. Once you have connected your account, we'll need to know from what question we'll get the email from.

The email can be gathered from the “Demographics” section, from “Hidden fields” or from a required “Form question” with email validation. .

*Remember it is mandatory to have the email in order for the integration to work.

5. After selecting the email question, you can continue adding questions from where you want the HubSpot properties to be updated. The answers of these questions will be sent automatically to your HubSpot account.

In case you only want to send the email to your HubSpot contacts, you can click “Finish” .

For example in this case we selected the question “What’s your name?” to update the “First Name” property and the question “Where are you from?” to update the “Country” property.

You can add as many questions as you want to improve your HubSpot CRM.

6. After clicking the finish button, a message will appear explaining that a test response will be sent to check if everything has been set correctly.

You will only need to click finish and everything will be set.

7. After clicking Finish, you will be redirected to your dashboard and a message notifying that everything has been successfully connected will appear.

Now your campaign will be sending all the responses to your HubSpot account so you can boost your contacts and focus on creating lasting relations with your users while we gather you new leads.


If you want to create new properties then you should have this important specifications in mind.

In order for properties to be shown in Survey Kiwi you should follow this simple steps when creating a property in HubSpot.

The property needs to be from the group “Contact Information”, so when you create the property make sure to select this group in the first step.

In the second step, make sure to check the “Show in forms” box, if this box isn’t checked, then Survey Kiwi won’t  be able to grab and show the property.

Once you selected all the information and the property is created following this steps, it will show in your list inside Survey Kiwi. If you can’t see it, make sure to refresh and see if it appears.


If you decide to uninstall the app, the steps to do this are very simple.

1. You have to look for your integrated campaign inside your Survey Kiwi dashboard, once you find it. Open the share tab as you can see in the following image.

2. Choose the "Integrations" tab and look for the "HubSpot" integration.

3. Look at the three dots button at the right side. Click here and select "Uninstall".

Once you click on this option your campaign will automatically stop sending information to your HubSpot account and you won't receive any more information in your HubSpot contacts from this survey/form.