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Publish campaign

When creating or editing your campaign in Survey Kiwi, it's important to know that in order for your creation and your changes to be live, you will have to publish it first.

In the creation or edition of your campaigns, all changes will be saved automatcally so you don't have to worry about saving what you've done, but until you don't publish your campaign, this updates won't be visualized by your audience.

This will allow you to work properly and once you have everything ready, you can publish it and share it with the world.

If your campaign doesn't have any changes to publish, the button will be deactivated, if this happens, it means that the latest version of your campaign is online.

In case that your campaign has changes to publish, you will see a message that will let you know that there are changes that haven't been published and that your users won't be seeing them until they are published. Once you publish your campaign, this message will automatically dissappear.

If you click "Publish", your changes will be published and you will be able to continue editing your campaign, while if you click on the arrow to the right of the button, you will find two options:

1. Publish and next step: This option will publish the latest changes and will take you directly to the next step of your creation.

2. Publish and finish: When selecting this option, all the changes of your campaign will be published and you will be redirected to your dashboard.

We suggest you to try to make all changes at once and publish your campaign once you know it is ready instead of constantly publishing every change. 

What are you waiting for? Go and publish your next campaign!