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QR Code

Every campaign that is created in Survey Kiwi generate automatically a QR code, you can find the QR code of your campaign in the share section of each campaign.

The QR code can be downloaded as:

- A png format so you can directly share it or print it.

- A svg format if you need to edit or work with your QR code.

Once your users scan the QR code, the campaign will be shown on their mobile devices. Some phones already have a QR code scanner incorporated, so in most cases, with their own smartphone camera, they will be ready to complete your survey or form.

For phones that don't have an integrated QR code scanner, the users can download a QR code scanner app in their App Store or Google Play store.

The QR code feature does not support hidden fields, so for this type of campaigns, the QR code option will be deactivated. If you need to create QR codes for a campaign with hidden fields, you can use a platform that supports dynamic QR codes such as QR Code Studio.