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After sharing your survey, you’ll be able to access the Results section where you can see the information gathered in detail.

To access, you must click on the green chart icon and once inside, you will see the summary of your results.

The general view of the results collected will appear. From here you can see your metrics and your total results.

There are five windows in the results panel: Summary, Results, Participants, Reports and Share.

The first thing that can be observed are the general results of your campaign: the number of surveys completed, the number of respondents, the completion rate and the average completion time of your campaign.

The second thing you’ll find is a chart showing the responses gathered by day and divided between started and finished campaigns. You can always filter the information in different periods of time.


At last you will see information regarding devices: you’ll be able to access the specific metrics discriminated by device in which the campaign was completed (computers, tablets and cellphones), obtaining information such as:

  • The number of respondents and the number of completed surveys 
  • The completion rate and the total traffic.