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Team Members

With this feature you will be able to add seats to your account to invite your team members to collaborate with you and configure different permissions to work together.

How it works?

To add team members to your account you have to open your menu and click on "Team members".

Once inside, you will see a button to invite new team members.

To do so, you will have first to add seats and then invite your team members to occupy that seat. Each seat has an extra cost and can be added only in the Gold plan.

Once you've added the seats, to invite team members you will have to click the "Invite" button. After this, a menu will appear in which you will have to add the email of the team member that you want to invite and select the different workspaces that you want to grant access to. In this example, the user "" will have access to the "Marketing" and "Operations" workspaces.

If you want to change the permission granted to a user, you have to click on the button on the right side of the user on the list and click "Edit". In here you will be able to change the permissions for this user. You can always revoke a user invitation and use the same seat for a different user.


Invited users will receive a notification email saying that they have been invited to be part of an account. 

If the user already has an account in Survey Kiwi, then once the invitation is accepted it will automatically (in case the user is already logged in to his account) be added as a team member in the account.

In the case that the user doesn't have an account in Survey Kiwi, then it will be redirected to the account creation section where he will have to create a new account. Once done, a validation email will be sent, once the user validates the account it will automatically be added as a team member to the account that sent the invitation.

It's important to know that if the account isn't validated, then the user won't appear as a team member.