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Thank you screen

This is the last page of your campaign. These are some examples:


Finish your campaign with a thank you screen that gives an ending to your survey.

The thank you screens are optional. You can include 1, 2 or as many as you like or you can not include one if you want. 


Title: Enter a title with a thank you message. Remember that this type of message is useful to reach out to your respondents and leave a good impression of your company. 

Subtitle: If you want to add a subtitle, click on the blank space and enter an additional text to your thank you screen. It is generally used to add information or more detailed instructions.

Advanced options

– Link: This option will allow you to add a button to your thank you screen so you can redirect your users anywhere you want. To your website, Instagram account, online store or any other place you want.

  • Button: You must complete this field with the text that must go inside the button of your thank you screen. Click and complete with the word you want to continue with the survey.
  • URL: This URL will be the address where the user will be redirected once he/she clicks the button.

– Image/Video: You can activate this option if you wish to add an image or video to appear in this type of question.

If you select the Image option, you can choose:

My images: click and upload an image from your computer. You can choose a file or drag it into the dotted box.

Unsplash: enter a search and select the image that better suits your needs.

Giphy: enter a word in the search engine and choose the GIF you consider to be more suitable for your search.

If you select the Video option, you must include the link to any video uploaded to YouTube. Paste the URL, and you’ll be able to visualize it on the right side of the screen.

– Social networks: you must complete your social media URL: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

– Show results: If you activate this option, once your users complete the survey, they will not go to a thank you screen but instead they’ll see all the general results of your campaign. This option is useful to create incentives for your users that might be compelled to complete your survey knowing that they can see all the general responses once they finish it.