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Having the structure of your survey done, now you can concentrate on your design and the visualization of your campaign.

This step is almost as important as making the questions: remember that first impressions matter. Don't forget that it’s very important to make your surveys visual and appealing for the respondents!

In the theme section, the first section of the design step, you can select one of the 20 predefined themes that exist saved in Survey Kiwi.

But first, something important, what is a theme? A theme is a set of aesthetic elements that Survey Kiwi’s design team have created in order to save users the trouble of taking care of everything from scratch.

The theme offers a background image, a set of fonts and colours for the text and buttons.


By clicking on the option you like, you can previsualize how the survey will look with that particular design on the right side of the screen.

Here we share some examples of some themes you can find in the platform:


On the top right margin you can see how it will look on different devices by clicking on the respective icon.



Underneath each predefined theme, you can observe some colored circles that reflect the font color of the title, subtitle, the start button and the background.

Remember that you can also create and save your own themes to use in future campaigns. You can do this by clicking on the following button:

This button will appear when you make a change, if there are no changes, the “Create new theme” button will remain hidden.

Once you click on the button, a pop up will appear in where you’ll have to assign a name to your theme:

Once you assign a name and save the theme, it will appear saved in the top part of the theme section, which you’ll be able to select in future campaigns, and also rename or eliminate it.


Log in to your account to play with different themes and create the most unique theme ever!