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We recommend you always use variables as long as it is suitable for your campaign.

What are the variables?

The variables are a special feature that will allow you to use your users’ answers in future questions.

For example, you can ask the user’s name in a question and then use it to personalize their experience.

This will look something like this:

– Question 1

– Answer 1

– Question 2

This feature allows you to create a more personalized experience for your campaigns and hence, achieve a higher completion rate.

How to use variables?

It’s important to clarify that all questions except “Descriptive text” count with this advanced feature. You can show a variable in a descriptive text question but you can’t use the result given that this type of question doesn’t have an answer. 

Using variables is very simple, you only need to follow the next steps to implement this feature in your campaigns.

Once you have uploaded your survey with variables, your creation will look something like this:

Every space where you see this: ”_ _ _ _ _”, is where a variable will appear, that is, the answer to any previous question.

As seen in the previous images, in the first question the user was asked their name and the second question appears including the user’s answer to the first question, “Nick”. 

To do this, the first question will not have anything different, in this case, the type of question used was “Form” with “Text validation”.

However, in the second question, you must write “Hello” and select “Variable” in the top part. 

This will bring the answer to the question we select.

Variables are useful for all types of questions. Here there are some examples of how this will look with different formats:

Multiple images question:

In the “Multiple Image” question, Survey Kiwi shows the label of the selected option.

If the variable is used for a “File Upload” type of question, the name of the uploaded document will be shown like this:

The “Multiple Choice” questions will show the selected option:

Or even variables can be used in the “Thank you screen” to say goodbye to the user in a personalized way.

As you can see, variables make your campaigns more dynamic and totally personalized. With this advanced feature, each form will be unique.

Remember that this feature will allow you to increase the completion rate of your surveys! 

What are you waiting for to start including variables to your campaigns?