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Welcome screen

Start your campaign with an attractive welcome screen displaying a text, a nice image, your logo, explaining the purpose of your campaign or whatever you wish to tell your users!

For example, something like this:

Or you can even personalize your welcome screen with the name of your users, as shown in the following image, or by adding any information you want, in this case, we personalized the name and place of the store.

This can be done using the “Hidden Fields” feature, you can click here to learn more about this. The welcome screen is created automatically. If you wish to edit it, you must click on the pencil icon on the right. 

Tip: We always recommend editing and personalizing it according to the audience of your campaign.

You can edit:

Title: Enter a welcome text for your users

Have in mind that the welcome messages are important given that they are the first encounter with the respondents and can determine the effectiveness of your following questions.

Also, it has been proven that surveys with welcome messages have a superior completion rate in comparison to those without these messages. Hence we recommend being original not only in the text but also in the images used.

Subtitle: If you want to incorporate a subtitle, click on the blank space and enter an additional text to your welcome screen. It is generally used to add information or more detailed instructions.

Button: Here you can edit the text of the start button. You can use Enter, Start now, Begin, or whatever you can think of!

Advanced options:

Image/ Video: You can slide the button if you wish to add an image or video to your welcome screen.

  • My images: You can upload a logo or image from your local storage. You can choose a file or you can drag & drop it to the dotted box.
  • Unsplash: Enter your search and select the image that better suits your needs.
  • GIPHY: Enter a word in the search engine and select the GIF that you consider to be more suitable to your search. If you want to know more about Giphy, click here!

If you select the Video option, you must include the link to any video uploaded to YouTube. Paste the URL, and you’ll be able to visualize it on the right side of the screen.