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The workspaces allow you to maintain your account in order and separated into sections. 

Imagine the workspaces like folders or channels where you can differentiate your campaigns and at the same time invite other team members to collaborate with you in each space.

You’ll find the workspaces on the left side of your dashboard and you can create as many as you like. 

In order to create a new space, you must select the “+” button that can be found on the side of “Workspaces”, having done that, a screen will appear where you’ll assign a name to your new space.

You can edit the name of this new space, eliminate it or assign campaigns that were already created in other spaces. Simply select the campaign that you wish to move and drag it to the space where you want to send it. 

You can invite users to collaborate in every one of your spaces and work together with your coworkers or team using the “Collaboration” feature.

Users invited to a particular workspace can only visualize and edit campaigns associated with that specific space and cannot access the other campaigns present in the rest of your workspace

Here you can see some different alternatives to use the Workspaces inside your organization:

   By months:                  

By markets:                     

By type of campaigns:   

By clients:                       


You can find unlimited options to use and make the most out of your campaigns!