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Descriptive Text

You can use this feature when you have something to say and don't require an answer.

Make pauses! In every conversation, we need small silences!

Some examples can be a quote or an inspiring message to make a pause before introducing the following question!

Or you can even upload something funny to cheer up your users.

This type of question is very simple, below we tell you how to make it.

Question: Enter a text that doesn't require an answer from the respondent

You can edit the text format with bold, italics or underline!

Description: Activate it if you wish to add a description below the question.

This will help make clarifications or specifications regarding the question.

Button: Click and complete with the word you want to use to enable continuing with the survey. This will work as a 'Next' button

Advanced options: If you want to know more about advanced options we invite you to click on the title for a more detailed explanation regarding the different features and their benefits.