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Multiple Images

This question works in the same way as a Multiple Choice but with the added value of images as options for answers.

This type of question is ideal for any type of survey, form or test in which the options visually differentiate from each other in some way.

You can edit the text format with bold, italics or underline it!

Description: Activate it if you want to add a description below the question.

This is useful to make clarifications or specify something related to the question.

Options: Click on each one of the blank spaces and enter the different alternatives for possible answers accompanied with an image, gif or icon.

When you select an image, you can upload one from your computer or device or you can select one from the image bank that we have thanks to our integrations.

If you select one of your images, you can crop it to fit the space so that you can visualize it exactly as you want to. 


Remember that in order for your images to look good, you must consider using a size 300x300px or larger but always trying to respect a square format.

For you to know which integration to use in this type of question, here we’ll explain you a little more about each one:

Unsplash allows you to find images from different themes, you can search for images of a bar, a beach, a city or of people working.

You only have to enter a word in the search engine (we recommend searching with words in English to obtain more results) and the platform will show you all the options available. Then you must select the image that better suits your questions and that’s it. Automatically the image will appear as an option as can be seen in the following images.  

And remember that you can always add labels to each one of your images by writing on the box found on the right side of each one of these.

*The descriptions that appear below were given by Unsplash, and they don't influence at all in your form.

Your questions will look something like this in your creation:

And like this for the respondent once you have chosen a background image for your survey.

If you want to know more about choosing an image to the background of your survey, click here.

Another integration available is GIPHY, this tool will allow you to add GIFs to your surveys and forms in order to make these more dynamic and fun.

The process is the same for the rest of the integrations, but in this case, the results that will be provided by the tool will be animated GIFs.

Here you can check out an example of how to use GIPHY and how this would look in a survey:

Example of a GIPHY integration

The other integration available is The Noun Project, and it operates in the same way as the other integrations but this tool allows you to select icons for your survey. This can be seen in the following image:

Advanced options: If you want to know more about the advanced options we invite you to click on the title for a more detailed explanation regarding the different features and their benefits.