How to take advantage of the data from your surveys in your Digital Marketing strategy?

Are you constantly looking for new and more effective ways of getting to know your clients (and keep them, build loyalty, etc.)?

Are you constantly looking for new and more effective ways of getting to know your clients (and keep them, build loyalty, etc.)? Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking how to develop Marketing actions in order to increase sales? Do your users unsubscribe suddenly and you don't know how to reduce your churn rate?

An innovative strategy focused on the client is always important for any company, even more nowadays, when the average consumer is bombarded by brands that offer them irrelevant things.

If you are feeling identified with the questions above, you should know that appealing to the paths traced by traditional Marketing is no longer enough. Therefore, implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy focused on content is essential for companies in any industry.

Why use surveys in your Inbound Marketing plan?

In order to develop a strategy focused on your customer persona and to offer relevant contents you should first know who you are addressing. This is why, knowing your users and customers is the starting point for your business.

Establishing bonds that generate the trust of your audience is vital. It doesn't matter if you work on a new project, which is in the developing phase, or in one that needs changes to become sustainable or to continue growing. To achieve it, you have to get to know your audience as much as possible and offer them ways to express their opinion and feelings.

For this reason, as we explained in another post, online surveys should play a central role in your Inbound Marketing strategy, they are a source of quality information about your users or customers and will reveal a variety of valuable data, for example:

  • What they feel towards your brand, product or service
  • If they are loyal customers and are willing to recommend you (or the opposite)
  • Which are the most suitable contents for each one, according to the stage of the purchase cycle in which they are.

Although there are several ways to share online surveys, companies often choose to send them through email Marketing tools, a method that has several advantages. The main one is the cost… Taking surveys in person or by phone is much more expensive and not available to everyone!

Another benefit is that it lets you visualize and measure the results of every mailing campaign you send directly. The other methods imply extra work which is usually exhausting: adding the results manually in spreadsheets and other documents in order to analyze them.

How to implement online surveys in mailings to customers?

When designing the best way to send the online survey through automatic mailings, its key to create a relevant and motivating subject. Include a customized, clear call to action that demonstrates the value of opening the mail with the survey (for example: “tell us if we solved your problem”).  In addition, you can attract your audience by generating curiosity or announcing an incentive (“Do you want access to special benefits for being our client?”).

Then, in the body of the email, forget about writing long and complex texts. Be brief and honest, explain why completing the online form is in their best interest, the value you place on their opinions, and thank them in advance for the time they will take. Use colors, fonts, logos and images to customize the design and make it aligned with your brand identity.

Finally, if you decide to include some kind of incentive for them to complete it, you can describe it in the body of the email, for example: “Answer the survey and access a promotional code with a discount on your next purchase.”

“Make sure to use survey platforms that integrate with your CRM”
How to collect the data and send it automatically to your CRM?

All of the above is essential to get the person who receives your email interested in responding to your online survey.  Then, from now on it is essential that you use a tool that allows you to create customized online forms and surveys with great visual impact and with various resources to simplify the way you respond, entertain the user and generate a unique experience.

Make sure to use survey platforms that have integrations with a CRM software, like HubSpot, which allows you to automatize the managing of all your campaigns and Marketing and Sales actions, and administrate your contacts with clients in a simple and efficient way.

In this way, you will enhance the value of the data obtained, which will be automatically uploaded from one software to another: HubSpot will receive in real time the information of every new response to your survey.

When connecting both systems, you'll be able to use the information from the survey to create new contacts in your CRM or add it in the profile of those you had already uploaded.  Automatizing all this process is key to act fast when, for example, a user cancels your service or unsubscribes to it.

You can create a survey to ask the motives behind their decision and analyze their responses to evaluate if you have any chance of retaining them and thus reduce the churn rate.  

Create your Survey Kiwi forms, integrate them with HubSpot in minutes and send all responses automatically to your CRM.

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